The longest Six Nations match…ever

In a bid to watch the England – Ireland Six Nations rugby match from the comfort of the navigators chair rather than dinghy over to De Big Fish up went the floor and the re-routing of internet cables started.

We got rid of our old VPN provider VPN Authority as performance was poor and we were unable to connect from anchor. We signed up with PureVPN and got connected immediately. But there dedicated TV streaming service wasn’t able to route cleanly enough from the BBC in London to us at anchor in Grenada on the end of some small WiFi stick.

So I had to watch the match in multiple 5 second bursts of activity. The 40 minute first half, actually I only made it to 28 minutes in, took me about two hours to watch. As yet I don’t know the outcome and I have the opportunity to spend the rest of the day, and maybe tomorrow, completing the match.


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