Taking Root

We anchored in Prickly Bay a couple of weeks ago. Spares for the mainsail furling motor are on their way and are currently passing through Kentucky but the latest news from the workshop is that the hydraulic (car starter) motor has suffered a meltdown. So we will be stuck here a while whilst we order another motor.

DSC02544.JPGDSC02545.JPGOf course whilst sitting back in the office perusing pictures of turqoise seas at 32 deg C, palm lined beaches and sunshine this looks like a good deal; hang out, wait for the odd part, plan the next move.

In reality it has the opposite effect. Not being able to move when you want takes momentum out of the journey, has a strange knock-on effect regarding other jobs that can be ‘wisely deferred’ and the levels of motivation ebb away. It can all bounce back fiercely when the various essential components realign but that’s now a couple of weeks away. Sailors rot in port and this is how it starts out.

We are thinking about careening the tender on the beach as it has now been in the water for a month and is gathering green algae.

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