Another horse, Cap’n?

Aye Aye Jim…and so it is hundreds of years later. No change. We are out of the trade winds and into The Variables, The Horse Latitudes, so named because the galleons full of livestock would be running out of water in the calms and to save on consumption would throw another horse over the rail. Sharks trailed the galleons and eventually a law was passed requiring that the horse be shot first before being flung to the feeding frenzy below.

Wind currently South circa 5-7kn and at 11 pm we were making under 0.5kn so we are back on the motor. Using about 4 litres of diesel/hour just ticking over at 1400 rpm giving us 5 knots.

Our excitement peaked today when, as we started motoring, we came upon our first yacht, called YSE. He was sailing solo and was over a week out of Guadaloupe. We were his first contact; Parlez Francais? Un peu….and now we are best ocean buddies united by a randomly knotted string of broken Franglais. He was travelling north at 2 knots to head up to the depression that is due in 3 days time. Looking ahead there isn’t any wind until Sat or Sun but we are staying south of the Bermuda-Azores line to try and glide the 12kn breeze.

DTG 1683 NM
Galley: Italian hot sausage & mash, Canadian bacon & egg sarnies
Barometer 1018


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