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Answer to Question Number 1?

So we wondered if it were possible, and if it proved to be so, how long it would take a family crew to manage a 60ft yacht and take it from ‘barely coastal’ to circumnavigation readiness? This excludes the many hours of packing up the shore life which eventually became a seriously high pressure job which we currently do 5am-ish to 9pm 7 days a week. We have no idea what day it is because it’s always the same; checking through a project deadline and ticking off tasks every three hours or so – and unlike the IT world this one is not going out to the right! There is no right to go to – weather windows, budget constraints, miles to travel, workshop decomissioned and so on; there never has been room to slip. We set a deadline almost three years ago and we remain on target against a schedule that in the corporate world would be deemed impossible. Amazing what a family crew can do with focus, drive and commitment.

Our thanks to Pete of Travis Perkins and our amazing friend Sue for easing the shore life exit.

There are a number of things outstanding as the departure date rapidly approaches but at this stage we can generally conclude that it has taken about 4,500 hours of boat work to reach the launch pad. this includes researching, sourcing, fabricating, installing, interfacing. It excludes on the water testing.

Most suppliers (equipment only) have been excellent and only one proved downright negligent, dishonest and willing to risk lives without a care. So the answer to Question #1 is 4,500 approximately. We have one key risk on the horizon which is a full rigging inspection once we drop in the water – fingers crossed we pass without issue.

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