Azores to where?

Started motoring this morning and now the grib files show a 600 mile wide corridor with no significant wind for the next six days…and we are firmly in the middle of the windless band all the way to Brest. Do we want to motor 900 miles? A check in the engine room suggests that the flexible hose from the engine exhaust to the silencer box has developed a pin hole leak so best to avoid motoring altogether. The hose has become brittle with age. A long review of the weather patterns are followed by the decision to divert to northern Spain to wait for winds to cross Biscay and save on 300 miles of propulsion. Right now that’s still a 550nm run with perhaps a little wind closer to the coast. The westerlies that we need are far to the north west and way out in the Atlantic such that if we went deeper into the ocean we could be left with the same problem yet further offshore. Ireland would then become the favoured route. Go north? It’s a bit chilly. We are still in t-shirts even at night but generally wear long trousers now round the clock, sometimes a light jacket in the humidity of the daytime fog. Of course the other option is to sit and drift with the tide and wait for wind but with a need for 15kns plus to get moving it could be a long wait. The Azores high looks to be well established. Not sure what it does to the air but we spend most of the day in fog with visibility sometimes down at several hundred yards. A bit grey. A bit gloomy. On the plus side the coke shims bound by a cable tie are in place on the gooseneck so if we get a steady breeze we are ready to rock.

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