Ocean seems huge now

This was only supposed to be a small stretch with just 1,200nm to do at most even if we headed to Falmouth. But now, after motoring at 5kn for almost two days and seeing the curved horizon all round us for 36 hours the ocean seems endless. The engine hammers on and we would all like to have the wind put it out of it’s misery. But the dead zone is getting quieter still as the wind sits on our tail peaking at 3.5kn. Coastal cruising is one thing but the endless pounding of the rig and gear in the swell of the ocean is something altogether different. Even without sailing the hours of rocking gently seek out weaknesses in systems, joints, ropes and rigging. We have a vital bolt which holds the in-boom furling universal joint together, one of two, and it spends it’s life trying to escape. As it lives in an environment dominated by rotation it uses the slightest rocking motion to slowly unthread itself. I have to tend to it often but can only get a large screwdriver on it when the main is fully out. Clearly the joint was designed by an engineer and not a sailor as there is no means of locking the bolt beyond threadlock (in which it shows no interest). Another piece to redesign when we get home. Passed a bunch of dolphin fishing today. They circled a school whilst smaller ones leapt out of the water and crashed down on the outer edges of the circle to keep the fish ensnared. We are passed by one ship per day but as we close Finisterre we should see more and then eventually we will cross the TSS on the point. Wind is due in about 24 hours. DTG 416nm

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