A simple passage?

So this was supposed to be a short 1,200nm run in the prevailing southwesterlies straight to Brest. Started that way making 8-9kn but then 36 hours later and puff the wind had blown itself out. Then the exhaust hose starts to rule out motoring as a pinhole leak deteriorates. So today was spent tapping away at the 328nm distance to La Coruna at 2.8 to 3.5kn in a 7-9kn wind. That was when the going was good. Then nightfall came and the wind dropped again to about 4kn. We had to take down all sail and the choice was to drift or tickover in grear and see how it goes. So here we are motoring at 2.8kn with 313nm to go (ETA 4 days time) after about 18 hours travel. If we stop then we will just roll in the swell so movement means a little stability. Wind is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

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