Galloping toward Galicia

We set the sails at 5am last night in the magic 11-12kn wind range provided we headed onto a reach. The wind was due to veer so we took the gamble. Initially we were making 6kn toward Cork, then gradually Falmouth, Brest and finally with the wind stable from the NW, La Coruna. By 9am the wind had died again and we were making 1.5kn! We were very close to choosing the drift about and wait option but as the rig wasn’t banging too much we just tightened our course to windward and left things as they were. Wind filled in again at 11am and we have had one blip since then but otherwise making about 6kn toward Spain. La Coruna? Maybe but right now we are being set south so we may land in a Ria. But that would leave negotiating Cap Finisterre on the table so tomorrow we will look closely at how to get a bit further north. It could be that there is a mini-transat race of some kind going on as two 7m sailing vessels have passed us today heading toward the Azores. 7m? We think these guys are amazing. Of course they are going faster than us! DTG 194nm La Coruna.


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