Yacht Aditi

Becoming one with your boat


We fitted the water maker circuit breaker (25A at 24V) in it’s own housing alongside a pre-existing breaker panel. A flashing 24v red led will be mounted in our chart table control panel alongside the waterker remote panel so that anyone providing power to the water maker will be reminded to check on the seacocks before going to production; we need a small box to play ‘insane in the membrane’ as an audible alarm.





The pump platform which was conceived over a number of weekends, including a bit of shaping and epoxy coating, dropped in place within a couple of hours so all looked good for final fitting. The unit was dropped on top and no surprise it had all been too easy. It was sitting about 3mm proud of the sofa base. Reset the boat clock.




Things were tight so in dropping the platform under the bow bracket narrowed clearance with the hull. Squeezing a hand under the base to apply a spanner to the bolt heads was a finger tip job but having bolted everything up tightly I had inadvertently bolted my hand between the board and the hull with retrieval blocked by the circular anode recess; at one with the boat…lot’s of jiggling and stretching eventually resulted in our parting.

Fitting a water maker is a significant job and the tubes & cables shown in the photo are most but not all of the water maker feeds. There are another two control cables to fit.

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