Blowin’ a Fuse

It took us a couple of days to commission the watermaker as a key wiring map was missing from the manual. At one point the control panels blew and the watermaker carried on completely out of control. To find the right wiring pattern for the fresh water flush valve and the low pressure pump switch we blew 3 amp fuse after 3 amp fuse. I thought I had enough in stock for more than a lifetime but now I need more! We made about 300 litres of water yesterday and then we fresh water flush meaning no pickling of the membranes for up to 3 months. Currently being tossed about in a NNW F4 around 20 miles off Portugal a little short of Porto. Last night was very dark so there was no horizon. We have been running out to the shipping lanes and gybing back to shore all night in a N wind but now that it has backed NNW we are on a course of 190 degs at about 6.3 knots SOG heading for our intended destination, Peniche. ETA morning of 7th August. We have seen very little traffic other than ships along this rather hostile coast.

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