Boomerang (Day 6)

At about 9am a swell appeared which has to an extent broken our ‘in a marina without shorepower’ type feel to our world and we started a little rolling and yawing. 11am pulled in a bit of wind 8-10kn SW and we set full sail. During this time we decided to check out the clew, tighten the line fastening the sail to the aft of the boom roller, and as it was a touch frayed, work in a second 10mm line. The 10kn wind gave us about 5kn SOG for 5 hours then died again. At least we got a bit of snailing in! Sighted 1 tanker today.

It’s now 0015hrs and radar suggests that we are passing a yacht that is snailing along at about 3.5kn in 9kn wind two miles to starboard. The rig must be banging in the swell. No AIS unfortunately, at least we think that’s the case, but sometimes it just appears that way when nothing shows for several days at a time. The unit does have good onboard diagnostics but we have to shut down programs and play with computer ports to access it.

DTG 1435nm
Galley – yesterday’s Nasi Goreng. No takers for dinner.
Barometer 1019


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