Caving for food and Ria De Camarina

Our last mission in A Coruna was to find a supermarket. We had a useless tourist map so with a bit of googling we marked where the shops should be. We found the street but couldn’t see any signs for a supermarket or any kind of shop. We must have looked lost because a lady stopped and pointed underground. We had to go 3 stories underground to find the supermarket! Then it was the long walk home with heavy bags. We left A Coruna and stopped at Corme for the night. It was a rocky night and the mossies found us so we upped anchor and came along the coast to Ria De Camarinas. It is calm, warm and the sea temperature hit 24.8. Two of the crew thought that was warm enough to jump in the other two seriously doubt it’s warm enough. We will pump up the tender tomorrow and explore Camarinas and then find a beach in the afternoon. There are lots dotted around and we may even have one to ourselves.

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