Yacht Aditi

Chinese Lanterns

The stern light bracket is ready to fit after a bit of grinding and polishing. The picture also shows a Chinese copy of an Aqua Signal 40 Series light, a 40% cost reduction. The lantern is identical in almost all respects. The bayonet fitting for the lamp in the Chinese housing is an upgrade but the cable seal is a poor design so is being modified by re-cutting a thread and fabricating a brass collar. A plug has been turned out of nylon and is ready to weld into the base. The brass rod will be drilled, turned and threaded.


On closer inspection the unbranded copy light does not have a heat sheild above the lamp so can only run LED bulbs. After some brief thought we purchased an Aqua Signal replacement in preference as we are running all incandescent bulbs at deck level to remain type compliant..

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