Day 23: It’s a Miracle

The ‘I’m not working beyond 200 miles offshore’ headsail furling system decided to operate again at 230nm off St Lucia! Perhaps the catastrophic mechanical noise that I was hearing was an airlock at a 1,000 psi or whatever the pressure is. Still taking it carefully… Last night we switched to staysail as it got dark and awaited the arrival of the Beast like a small village shaking in fear in a horror movie. The Beast was 4 miles to port and also to starboard so waited to be engulfed having sacrificed good speed. 18.00 hrs, nothing. 21.00 clear skies, nothing. 0300 hrs and surely it’s coming…0600? A clear night for the first time in days.

Sailing conditions were excellent this am with 15-22kn E so we removed and packed away the staysail. Darkness descended and clouds built. The Beast is back with each squall about 2-4 miles apart and 20 min gaps. Reefed and lashed at the headsail we are doing from 4kn to 9kn with peak wind 42kn. The night watch is back to being tough with every 15 mins a change. When planning 3hrs on/off shifts throw in a few squalls, bilge alarms, col regs events, wind shifts etc and then decide if it’s the experience you are looking for.¬†Shaking like a jelly – 4th squall tonight coming, wind shift turned us 90 degs hdg Florida! ARC yacht Jambo 4nm to port is picking up the full squall.Hopes of Vegas have again turned to desert sand.

Maybe tomorrow park up the boat and throw away the keys; that’s what being out here feels like at this moment.

Vital Sadistics: DTG: (can’t we have just a few normal sailing miles for once) 113nm ¬†Galley: Chicken Mayo Sandwich, Cottage Pie


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