Head in the toilet

Our meeting with San Miguel has had to be postponed and as my expert friend Juan Manuel rightly informed us it’s a hard find in this area. Beers are Mahou, Bodegas and Galicia Estrella the latter of which we found to be very good as recommended. Anyway back to the toilet – double trouble – both the outlet side was flowing back in and the suddenly the fresh water flush side went on full permanent flow dumping our fresh tank water non-stop into the toilet and out to sea. All pumps were flicked off at the switch panel and the solenoid for the inlet stripped and cleaned. The outlet joker valve was then changed and all seems to be back in order. More tools and spares need to be carried than one can fit in an average hardware store. Just finished listening to Imelda May’s set at a concert onshore. It’s 1 am and we are into a band change over. Don’t know the line up but looks like it may be a big fiesta tomorrow as some fishing vessels are fully dressed in flags.

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