Mail Bag…you guys are on the wall

We receive very welcome responses to our posts and some highlights include:

Your trip inspired us into having a little more adventure in our lives and so a quick rib round Britain seemed crazy enough.  We are having a custom ribeye 6m being built and so are off to Dartmouth on Friday to finalise the spec.  The plan is about 150mile per day, so 10 days in total……


Last blog & pics very interesting perspective on things, appreciate the
dilemma and tough decisions ahead. But one thing is certain whatever your
final decision is, you guys committed and achieved to break away and set
out on a dream of ocean sailing and overcame the many challenges; no doubt
your appetite is still there but outlook changing slightly through


I will leave you to tend the stays and baggywrinkles, enjoy the next leg
and I will be in touch soon.


I came across your excellent blog while searching for information about Trintella 57’s.  I am just starting to consider a 57a. I am planning on more extensive voyaging starting in 2
years, hence the bigger boat.

I have been reading your blog – I especially like the pre-ARC preparation
section, since it gives me a good overview of the nitty-gritty of some of
the systems and your extensive re-fit in preparation for your voyage.


Hello everyone on board – you are all so brave!  I read all the blog and I started to feel seasick.  Are any of you seasick?  You must be?  The swell sounds horrendous; I have decided I love sailing. You have your fair share of mechanical and technical problems too, is this usual? (Sure is).


All but there!!  Have checked on you a dozen times today and vvvv hopeful you’ll make the party, even if only for an hour or two. Won’t expect a reply, but enjoy every minute left on the Atlantic and get moored safe and sound PDQ. Enjoy the rum punch and dry land and people and peace.

We’re soooo pleased for you.


Hi Paul G8 to hear from you all. I feel like being an engraver to-day, you
know the guy who cuts the name into a famous trophy, like Wimbledon etc,
when he’s pretty cert of the outcome last game last set  hes’s away…so
etched on CV’s of life Paul,Claire & Sophie Hodson…I SAILED ACROSS AN
OCEAN…beat that you corporate bums! Yes guys truly tremendous, a memory
etched for ever…when you all cross that finishing line we will be raising
glass to you all.
Just putting out the garbage on a rainy blustery night and thought wow you
guys put up with this relentlessly for days and nights at probably 10x this
force; really put things into perspective.
Well wish you all happy landings, did see on the ARC logs one guy overshot and had to tack back and just missed the officials boat, who also mentioned they had already been hit, just cant
imagine wind power

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