Pick a number?

Or as the ship’s cat says it’s the same as ‘chasing your tail’. Our thanks to Clare of s/v Suvi for helping to chase the tails and not only fix the bilge pump alarm which is linked to two sump areas, the engine room and mid-ships.


Our bilges have always filled relatively quickly so the alarm is expected to sound too frequently. But perhaps by fitting the watermaker we have found the root of the problem; when an old watermaker was removed the freshwater feed line to the tank was severed but left open. Heeling to port this has possibly been dumping water.

And our lucky number came up in that we discovered that we have a ‘full’ alarm to our waste tanks which we were unaware of. Having swapped around and replaced alarm buzzers we now have a deep tone on the bilges and a screaming beep on waste tanks, the latter being on at all times because one of the waste tank sensors is stuck on full – the ship’s cat sniggers knowing that we are set to chase our tails again.

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