Yacht Aditi

A Seven Tin Day!

Having returned to our home port the race is on to consume our food stocks before they expire. Every few days we have a ‘lucky dip’ under the sofas, in the forward cabin, in the sail locker, under the bunks and even in the galley lockers and galley bilges to see what treasures we can find (there’s probably more food elsewhere but we have forgotten where we put it). We have opened our 16kg bread flour and so far it has made 3 inedible wheat bricks in the breadmaker, we have found some items that have taken in lots of moisture so they end up being disposed of directly (typically dried powders, long life breads, snacks), and then there are things that you look at and wonder why on earth you carried it 9,000 miles in the first place?

So yesterday we managed to get through one small yoghurt pot, a medium sized box being a trifle, and one tin (pineapple) which hardly made a dent in our storage arrangements. But a couple of days ago we met with great success when we managed a seven tin day. So far this is our record by far and it did enable us to unearth the next layer of tinned foods as well as have a little reshuffle. Perhaps we have sufficient food stocks for another couple of months but often what tastes all right out there doesn’t appeal back here! Canaries mojo sauce? Not sure. Pidgeon peas? Mmm maybe not. 30 tins of tuna? What, more? Cock soup? Peanut oatcakes? Tinned sausages? Ah, yes, maybe we do in fact have 18 months of ‘do we really have to’ food stocks onboard afterall. And then there is the 200 plus litres of emergency water strapped to the stringers below the floor boards!!

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