St Kitts ‘We’re CLOSED’

We were greeted into Port Zante marina by Chuckie, probably the best harbour master in the world, do you know one that greets you with cold beer?

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We arrived in St Kitts as the calendar ticked over into May. Charlestown, the capital, was packed and lively. That is until the cruise ship warning horn went off. At 17.00 it was all aboard and by 17.30 the ship was gone. Now that it was nice and quiet we rolled up to a bar next to the marina and the  guys said that will be the last cruise ship this year.

You only open on cruise ship days?

Yes. Only when the ship is in.

When do you next open?


And what happens now?

It’s dead boring but we watch movies, play cards, some keep a second job going. There are 14 of us together so we manage to keep going but it’s hard waiting for October.

It’s no surprise that businesses and their owners turnover so fast given the long off-season where the lack of activity drives them mad. It’s a ghost town for 5 months of the year.

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