Tender Meteorological Station

The guide is clear that being low lying the Iles Des Saintes are dry. Las night we knew we had rain but we had no idea how much until Yves told us to look into our tender. Who’s Yves? He is anchored next to us at Iles Des Saintes with his wife Miriam. Yves came out here on an expedition to search for the missing treasure of 5 sunk Spanish galleons the location of which he studied extensively in Chicago. Diving at 90m depth did not uncover the wrecks and Yves would like to have been able to go to 200m.

Back to the tender – it has gathered about 5 or 6 inches deep of rainwater overnight which is the most we have ever seen. After a quick taste test a large proportion was scooped into our fresh water tank.















Anchoring on the east of the island is not without risk….nice shape boat & not small either

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