Centuries melt away in Coruna

It’s an active place – a day in the life of – actually it happens to be Galicia day on the day of our arrival which is the biggest day of the year!

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Centuries melt away in Coruna — 2 Comments

  1. Well done guys on safe return to European mainland – we were in Vigo last Galicia Day when the awful train crash happened not far from where you are now- at least this year they can celebrate as last year all was cancelled. That was a busy year wasn't it!?

  2. Thanks Wendy! We weren't far behind you last year we were in Viveiro when the train crashed. Yes, last year was BUSY! We've got our ARC flag up but we've only seen one ARC boat this year and they left Coruna before we could chat to them. We are loving A Coruna. We need to see you before you head back to Greneda.

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