Day 18: No Celebration at 1000nm

Just as we hit 1,000nm To Go at 8am so the day started for real. Seas very confused, squalls and wind 24 to 39kn. Seas building all day to about 5m. Any sailing club chat that waves are long etc so no issue could not be more wrong. Back winded, thrown on our beam end a few times, life onboard became hard and the ship went quiet.

A couple of waves over the stern and the coachroof. A long day. Soon after dusk sea state calmed a little but as at 2am (we just gybed as wind veered SE but now it’s back on ESE 20 mins later so we have too much south in our heading) the squalls are churning it up again. Passed Charlotta 1 and had a good chat. They are likewise not enjoying the sailing experienced from Las Palmas to current location and were pleased to have someone concur. Amazingly they said they went diving to 30m mid-Atlantic!

Vital sadistics: Enduring but not enjoying; counting down the miles 873nm DTG. Galley: pre-cooked roast chicken in a wrap with raw cabbage and sweet chilli sauce, baked potato and cheddar


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