Day 18: Nothing, which is great!

Nothing happened today which is great news. Bright sunshine and 17-24kn ESE but slow progress due to lousy wave sets. Tonight much smoother in 20-27kn E under headsail only making c. 6.8kn. Clear skies and bright moon. Always rolling, lots of motion and noisy; waves hitting the hull, general water flow, wind & waves.

The Perils of Sleep: 1. Waking up mid-air whilst being thrown from one side of the cockpit to the other 2. Falling asleep whilst standing at the top of the companionway and waking as legs give way 3. Waking after a fantastic long sleep anticipating that many miles rolled off only to find it’s been just 20 minutes and barely 2 miles have passed. Sailing relatively short-handed are we tired? We don’t know as there is no stopping & no reference point so it’s just 24×7 and get on with the next shift and 100nm mark. So looking forward to breaking through 1000nm.

Vital sadistics: Whoaa where did that roll come from! DTG 1048nm From the galley: Muffins, Spaghetti Carbonara (without mushrooms)



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