Lizards delay departure

It’s Friday and we should be gone. Large lizards, bigger than the ship’s cat are in the way. Well, we blame the lizards. But perhaps the fact that the last morning out-bridge was at 10.30am and we have yet to get fuel, had to check out of customs and do a bit more provisioning may have had a bearing on the departure plan.

Last thing to do is get about 350 litres of fuel to take it up to our full 2 tonne capacity. Booked in at 3pm but it’s gusting up to F6 pinning us to the dock. We are on a semi-length starboard finger and cannot go back, can hardly go forward, but need to go sideways. Spring off you cry! Well it may not be so simple as there is little room to move fore/aft once we have moved through say 45 degs on a spring. So we are waiting for a lull which you can be sure will never arrive! Fuel $1.23 US a litre is not bad.

DSC03006 DSC03007

Now departing for the Azores 0830 bridge, Saturday 24 May.

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