Passage Update from the First Mate

Well I don’t know what’s happened to the blog meister. Too much sleep I think! So, for the avid blog readers out there I thought I’d share what I wrote to our shore support crew for day 2.

We had another good day, better than the first. The sea has smoothed and the wind keeps getting some south into it so we are bending towards the Azores beautifully. Just call the boat ‘Bend it like Beckham’! The report we send in to Pangolin includes the speed and course plus wind direction and speed etc if you are interested.

We had a mild panic earlier when trying to play music (we had lost the wonderful local radio station but I’m not sure why we were in silence) and everything was fuzzy through our radio system. The thought of 2000 miles without music was a bit dire!

We have eventually got it working so big ‘phew’.

We saw one tanker today at a distance but now there is nothing on AIS or radar. So in out little circle of 12 miles there is just us.

Sophie now does a night shift on her own so we are all getting 6 hours off watch in a block. What a difference! Paul and I snatched 2 hours sleep here and there on the ARC but now we are getting at least 5 hours and then a snooze later. I am even dreaming, which didn’t happen until the last week on the ARC and then they were very disturbed. Tonight’s was memorable because we (5 people) had ordered at a restaurant and for the dessert course I had ordered a tissue. Well it was on the menu! I guess in my dreams I am on a diet and would rather blow my nose.

For lunch we had turkey salad pita pockets and dinner was cottage pie. Yum.

No vegetable disasters to report. We didn’t put any in nets this time and all carrots are safely in the fridge with no foil on them!

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