Log out, or leave it?

Seemed our log was running slowly and we have passed many clumps of weed so putting two and two together some strands must be caught round the impellor? Do you take the speed log out of the hull to have a look when you are several hundred miles offshore? I pondered this a while and then decided that the log was important as it’s speed readings determine auto-pilot response rates, sail trim and still forms a useful cross check on progress. So out came the log from it’s through-hull fitting and I could see the bright green water rushing by under the hull at 4 knots. In it rushed before the blank bung went in and all was sort of dry again. The impellor? Totally clean so we have been getting some favourable local current. So the exercise was reversed and back through the hull it went. Beautiful weather, great sea, and hopefully a couple of pictures that will make it through.

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