Yacht Aditi

Rotting vegetables and chocolate cake

Day 4 at sea Following a dawn calm reaching into a southerly wind at up to 6 knots before reefing down as darkness fell to make 4 to 5kn on a course of 220 deg. Rain showers, which missed us, disturbed wind flow and gradually reduced boat speed to 1-2kn. Motoring again until 7am when sails were set for a couple of hours before wind dropped to 5kn. Back under motor. Perhaps the downside of the ARC, as in any rally, is the fixed departure date which has not coincided with a suitable weather window.

The option to divert to Mindelo and see Cape Verdes whilst waiting for a weather window is very attractive. An ARC Plus Plus is forming. Alongside yachts Saphir and Catara for almost 24 hours. We thought we had a crew member with seasickness upon departure but turns out that it is a stomach bug which is being passed around. You could hardly blame seasickness when you look at the mill pond that we are motoring through. Our sixteen year old daughter is therefore having a great time running the boat for a fair proportion of the night.

Vital sadistics: Veg rotting quickly. High % of carrots thrown over the rail, others saved by surgery. 395 miles to Cape Verdes (a possible 395 more litres of fuel)

Sea calm & sky blue

From the galley: Chinese Noodles Chicken and homemade coleslaw 1 Papaya, 1 Mango, Cereal Freshly made Chocolate Cake



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